Bad breath Thursday

Oh crap! Really! Today is my off day from exercise. I worked hard the past 2 days and need a relaxing day in between. I still have to walk the dog though so I set out down the street this morning for a casual stroll to the end of the street and back (about 3/4 of a mile). Almost to the end, this guy (security guard at a high rise apartment complex) across the street asks me about my dog. So I’m trying to talk across the street and then he walks over. We ended up talking for about 5 minutes. He’s not a bad looking guy. He meets the necessary standards of having a job, having your own transportation, and having your own place (yes, he told me all that in the 5 minutes). He said I have beautiful eyes which yeah, I know I do, I just think that’s the only good part sometimes! Well, he has a dog almost identical to mine (pretty cool) so that was his opener. He didn’t ask me for my number which is fine, I’m sure I’ll see him again since I walk past where he works. As I walked away, I realized – I hadn’t brushed my teeth! I don’t care about the no makeup since I hate makeup, I was wearing my workout clothes (shorts and a t-shirt). His name is the same as Little Man’s middle name so that’s easy to remember.

He’s not someone I would usually date but as Kansas said, don’t be picky! I’m not after the first or even second guy I meet, but I’m open to meeting people finally. So we shall see what happens in my life moving forward.

I’m getting more and more in shape. Yesterday, I did 16,000 steps! I was tired and my feet were sore BUT this morning I felt fine. I stretch for a few minutes after I walk which helps a lot with soreness.


Little Man is awake and asking to eat breakfast which is my que to get back up and getting ready for the day.


Just Great, thanks

So about 4:30 this morning, my upstairs neighbor feels it’s time for me to wake up. Really? Let me back up to last night. My doorbell rings at 9:30pm and it’s Pizza Hut. He was looking for my upstairs neighbor and rang my door instead saying, “Well, every other apartment complex has the odd numbers on the bottom floor.” OMG dude! Read the whole number on the door before you make people get out of bed to their doorbell! Then, the upstairs neighbor ate their pizza and stomped around keeping me up until 11pm. I finally got to sleep around 11:30. Then, it sounds like knocking at 4:30 this morning. I wake up and realize it’s my neighbors. I can hear them talking and someone is tapping on the floor! Geez! It never stops around here!

So I figured, I’m already completely awake, I might as well go walk. So at 5:30am, I head out my door to the trail. I walked and listened to what I like which is an app called Zombies, Run. It’s a story that mixes your music in with it. I’m at the end of the 2nd season and can’t wait to start the 3rd. I just got back about 10 minutes ago. I never realize how far I’ve gone when listening to the show so imagine my surprise when I came back and saw this!


Wow! I think I’ve done pretty well so far today. Monday I went over my calories by 600! I did very well yesterday though. I got in 13,000 steps and was under my calories by 130. Kansas is logging and doing great too. I text Dallas last night about logging her food but I haven’t heard back from her yet. Young hard worker lost 4 pounds! WTG! Haven’t talked to Ms. Sarah, I bet she hasn’t even started. But that’s okay, she doesn’t really need to lose anyway. Let me know how you’re doing too, I love hearing results. I tell everyone about my plan. I told this girl I work with, Blondie (sorry, not sure what to call you), and I hope she tries. She has the movable stomach band and she thinks she needs an adjustment but I think she could do this and get rid of whatever she wants. If anyone is willing to take the time, this WILL work for you!

I have had 2 bad days in a row and was called in to the main office today for a meeting so they can “hear my side and get my input”. Well, that’s what I was told anyway. I’ll have to take more meds today, otherwise I’ll probably explode on them and tell them what I really think. That would NOT be a good idea! And no, I do NOT mean literally explode. My opinions are strong and I feel everyone makes mistakes so why do I get singled out when I work my ass off just like everyone else in my company?

I go back to the doctor on Friday. I hope I’m getting better but I really don’t think I’m there yet. I don’t want a higher dose but maybe something to keep me calm that doesn’t put me to sleep?

It’s hump day, Wednesday, so the week is almost half over. The only thing I look forward to is my paycheck to pay off more debt and seeing Little Man daily because he makes me smile and laugh. We played cars last night but he’s so into Pokemon, he came up with this elaborate fighting game with them. His imagination is so great! I hope he never loses that. He could be anything he wants with his test scores and that imagination.

Alright, Amber girl wants a walk and it’s time for me to start getting ready for my long day. Have a good one! Hugs!

Update at 4pm:

So the meeting was about any mistakes on my part or the other company’s part. Pretty basic stuff, no biggie. I am working back at my regular office so talk soon!

Cool! Thanks!

I have 200 total likes on my site! Thank you all!!! I’m excited about this. Don’t ask me why, I really have no clue but I am. Maybe it’s because I’m having a bad day and want to go home and go back to bed. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be here, like ever again, but I do it day in and day out and am miserable.

So thank you from the bottom of my fat and the top of my skinny!



Here we go again

It’s my day off of exercising. I get in 5 days a week. I actually miss it on my days off sometimes but I felt like shit yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning so I have to do it. I’ll just watch my food intake really carefully today.

I sent Little Man to vacation bible school this morning with my Dad. Dad is happy he’s going, he thinks we need to be very involved in our church which I’m not. Little Man runs out after me before I drove off and he was crying. He wants to stay home and not go. He told me, “I just know I’ll hate it!” Well kiddo, you gotta go. You need out of the house for a while. “But I don’t wanna!” I felt kind of bad for making him go but he really does need more exercise and fun while I’m at work. We’ll see how today goes. It’s only 3 hours a day and he can stay with his grandparents or go home afterward. I even told him that I’ll come home for lunch so he can tell me how everything goes each day. Geez! You’d think he was 2 with the way he’s acting! He never wants me to leave, it’s like he’s scared I won’t come back. Yes, I’ve definitely thought about it but would never actually do it. That’s not fair to any of us. Plus I would miss him too much!

Anyway, it’s days like today that I want to stay in bed. Yesterday, I had to take a full anti anxiety med. Little Man’s dad spent the day with him. I went and tried on sundresses and found that they are just not for me. Then I went to this store that I was told I could go to to get a free product and the doofus behind the counter said no. I just went home after that and curled up and watched Robert DeNiro movies. I went to bed around 10pm. The alarm went off 5 times before I got out of bed. Let’s hope it gets better and not worse for a Monday!


Update after 1st day of VBS:


I figured he would like it and I’m so glad he did!

Getting back in my groove

I couldn’t help but wake up early today. I got a lot of exercise in yesterday, plus eating well, so I had to check since today is weigh in day. Well, guess what??? 207.8!!!

You know how the other day I was saying I wanted to find out how many steps per day I did before I started my plan? I averaged 4500 steps a day. That’s pretty sedentary! That’s only walking to the car and back, and only walking around the office plus making dinner and getting Little Man going. Now I average between 9,000 and 12,000 a day. When I first started, I didn’t exercise. I just watched my calories. As I lost more, I got more energy during the day, and now walk around more. Yesterday, all that walking I did in the morning? Well, I also swam with Little Man for 30 minutes and took Amber for a 30 minute walk in the evening. We didn’t walk fast but we did go.

This morning, I’m up really early for a Sunday so I can go for a walk by myself down the street along this trail that’s close by. If I can get up and do this at least 5 times this week (we’ll see), I’ll hit that 30 pounds! I’m 1.8 pounds from a total of 30 pounds lost. I’m really excited! But I bet you can tell.

Little Man’s dad is coming today, yep EX will be here. I am leaving to go take care of myself when he’s here, otherwise he will want to sit and chat with me. What I can’t believe is that he thinks we are close friends! Umm, no dude, you are EX and you cheated! I don’t care how much you post on Facebook about God and how cheaters are bad, that’s exactly what you are. Maybe I taught you a lesson for the next sucker that decides to keep you but you’ll always be that to me. As soon as Little Man is 18, EX is completely out of my life (hopefully).

So I’m also a bit excited because I have more readers! Welcome! I hope you enjoy my ranting and raving and hope you decide to try my life plan. I’m blogging for my health and yours! We can all do this!

I might post more later but I need to get dressed and go walk before Little Man wakes up and freaks out that Mommy is not here. He woke up in the middle of the night last night and said, “who’s talking? Are you a zombie?” I have told and told him that zombies aren’t real but those damn cartoons these days! He needs to go back to what I grew up with. Cartoons that tortured each other (Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, stuff like that). And don’t forget stoned out Shaggy! Those were cartoons!

Chat later. Hugs!

Update at 10am (or around there sometime). I walked, I swam, I walked the dog. I’m done for the morning!


So I was at the grocery store

Hehehe, I’m almost at 30 total pounds lost so I decided to pick up 30 pounds of flour and feel what I’ve lost. Check it out!


Crazy, right? I took a selfie in bed today just to see how I look laying down (yeah I know I’m silly).


I somehow lost the top of my 2 piece so I made a makeshift top using my workout bra and a spaghetti strap shirt (cause I still have to hide the excess skin) and had Little Man take a pic. Dallas thinks I’m small, yeah right! NOT!


Speaking of her, she walked to get lunch today! Yay! And she ate a good sounding sandwich! Yum yum! She said she hasn’t lost anything but she bought herself a scale so it’s a different scale than where she’s been before. No worries Dallas! Watch, next week you’ll be down!

Little Man has been painting on the white wall. Here’s his first painting. He doesn’t like it but for a first wall painting, I think it’s pretty good! He said peacock is spelled how he wanted it too.


I went outside and damnit, it looks like it’s going to rain! Little Man said a quick prayer that it doesn’t so we can swim in an hour when he’s done with his next painting.

Here’s Amber and her new collar. She seems very happy with it too!


Well, he just finished his next painting so here it is!


Talk soon! Hugs!