It’s only Tuesday?

Depression is really getting to me lately. I’m trying to look at the bright side of things but I just feel down.

I have been playing games with my son, working just my regular hours (and trying not to think about work when I’m not there), getting more exercise. Nothing is working for me.

I refuse to be medicated. I do not want to be labeled. I am just out of ideas to overcome how I feel lately.

Any ideas?


So when I went to pick Little Man up at his after school care last night, they pulled me aside to tell me that he had instigated a fight on Wednesday. He asked another boy if he wanted to fight for no reason! So they went outside, were surrounded by other kids chanting “Fight, Fight!” and ended up the other kid had a fat lip and a cut on his chin while Little Man hurt his ankle. How, you ask? I have NO idea. WHY you may ask? Again, NO clue. I asked him about it and he is so damn nonchalant about it! “Oh, we were play fighting over a pretend car.” HUH??? But you actually hurt this other boy (who is bigger and has a mental disorder). “But it’s okay Mommy, we weren’t REALLY hurt!” OMG child! I have no clue what to say to him or how to make it not happen again. I did tell him that if I hear of him fighting, whether he starts it or not, he will not have any kind of life. He will come home from school, do homework, and go to bed. No dinner, no TV, no phone. He shrugs and says, “Ok.” WTH is wrong with my kid???

1st post of 2014

It is 2014.

Any resolutions?

The only thing I said was that I am NOT going to date or have sex or have anything to do with the opposite sex this year (other than friends and work). I just don’t feel like dealing with it. I have too much going on.

Little Man went to a dermatologist this past Tuesday to find out what the HELL is going on up on his head. It looked like cradle cap but that is only in babies! So after $200 15 minute visit (thanks crappy insurance), we were told that he has scalp seborrhea and he needs this foam stuff to put on his head every night at a cost of $225 for a 2 week supply of foam. Oh HELL no! I can’t afford that, let alone the 2nd prescription she wants me to use that “may cause burning”. I went to Walgreens, bought some baby oil, and have put that in his hair for 2 days now. AND GUESS WHAT??? The shit is coming out!!! Using that and T-gel shampoo works. You don’t have to spend a fortune!

I went to the foot doctor and found out that I have a bone spur on the top of my foot and that’s what is causing the pain when I walk. Steroids were given and worked for a short amount of time but I am still in pain and will probably have to have surgery at some point this year but while I’m broke, it will have to wait and just give me pain. I have other pains but I am starting to think that most people get some around their 40th birthday and just don’t talk about them for some reason. My doctor says there is nothing medically wrong with me (we did X-rays and push tests) so what else could it be?

BUT…the one thing I would like to get done this year is fix my teeth. As much as I can afford. Unless someone gives me a fortune, I won’t be able to do much but I am going to try and get as much as possible done. I am tired of looking like I do drugs because of how screwed up my teeth are! I swear I have the mouth of a methhead. Crazy! So, if you want to help me out, you know where to find me on here..drop me a line! I won’t complain and will send you before and after pictures if you want!

I work my 40 hours a week, take care of my son, do the Scout thing (thank you to everyone that bought popcorn!), and try to get some sleep (not doing too great with that). I don’t know where my time goes but I know when I have extra time, I am reading or playing Facebook games. I try not to get on the actual website but I had to post something yesterday that I heard on the radio here:
Pot is now legal in Colorado. Now there’s a shortage of Velveeta. I guess all the potheads are eating nachos!
See? I couldn’t let that one by…I posted it and all 15 of my friends liked the post! Even the potheads – so I guess my first post of 2014 was a good one.

I should get back to work…my boss just walked up to say goodnight and I’m blogging. Bet he wonders if it’s about him! Hehehehe…something I learned when the internet first started…NEVER blog about work or family. It will come back to bite you in the butt! Yep…a bunch of emails just came in that I have to issue tickets on so have a great weekend and have a HAPPY 2014!

Blast from the Past

SO…ready for Christmas? I am!

Almost 20 years ago, I was an assistant manager for Papa John’s in Houston. There was a driver there that I really got along with, he was a very nice older guy (only about 15 years older than me). Saw him about 4 years ago at our local neighborhood Valero, said hello, gave him my number, and that was it.

About a month ago, I saw him delivering a pizza to one of my neighbors. I was there with another neighbor and I guess he thought it was a boyfriend or something, so he said hello and left. A week later, he was delivering a package (not pizza) to where I work now. SO twice in one week, I was thinking that it’s fate and I should give him my number which I did. Not to date the man, but to be friends! I never heard from him.

Today, while I was on break outside, he walks up to pick up a package here again. He told me that he had lost my number because of stuff that had happened to him lately. I’m like, okay. So he gets paper and a pen and asks me for my number and address. Well, I’ve known the guy off and on for almost 20 years and he’s always been a stand up guy (and not like he doesn’t know where I live considering he delivers pizza there and saw me) so I gave him my address. My question is…WHY? Hope he doesn’t just show up at my house…I am never ready for unexpected visitors. I don’t want him to buy me anything either. I’m not trying to date him! I think he’s a good man and a decent looking older guy but that’s it. PLUS…I decided for 2014 that I’m not going to date or have sex. Just so I can work on myself and my son this year. So I guess we shall see what happens with this. Since it’s happened twice before, he’ll probably just not call which is fine. I’ll just see him next time he has to come to my office to get something.

Another subject,

I built (with a little help from a friend) a bunk bed on Saturday. OMG, my fingers STILL hurt from that stupid Allen wrench! I took apart my queen bed too. My friend also helped me install a peephole in my front door which makes me VERY happy! I can now see who’s at my door!

Yesterday I took the old bed to my parents garage for when I move to a bigger place with the help of my friend that drives a truck. While putting it in there, I noticed that their entire garage is filled with MY furniture! I need a bigger place to hold it all so I can clear out their garage!

I also baked for 5 hours. I made cookies and attempted to make fudge which I am having to throw away because it was NOT right at all, either turned into candy, was too hard, or wouldn’t harden at all. The kind of cookies I made were:
1. Sugar
2. Chocolate Chip
3. Peanut Butter
4. Oatmeal Raisin
5. Chocolate and Peanut Butter
6. Sugar with White Chocolate chips

So when my gay boyfriend calls me and says, “Hey, I’m going to eat with my boyfriend down the street from your house. I want you to meet him.”, I have my hair in a ponytail (unwashed), no bra, and the house is a mess, I let him come over. His boyfriend is the female in their relationship, you can just tell. VERY nice guy though! Looks familiar to me but who knows…I know a lot of people and he didn’t think he had seen me before. I gave them some cookies and the b/f asked if he could take some leftover popcorn, I didn’t mind. They stayed about 10 minutes, Little Man was really happy to see gay b/f too and talked to him non stop for half the time they were there!

I brought the extra cookies to work with me. About half are gone…I don’t want to take any home so I hope they get eaten! Yes, I’m at work all day today. My son was supposed to stay with my Dad this week but my Dad had a fever this morning so I had to send my son to daycare which he was PISSED about! He wouldn’t get out of bed until I threatened to cancel the party tomorrow. That got him moving!

Did I tell you about the party? I am having 10 of his friends over to decorate cookies, color Christmasy pages, decorate stockings, and just dance and sing. I also hired a teenager to help out. The original teenager I asked to help had to cancel but thankfully I have another single parent who has a teen daughter who was more than happy to make $20 for 2 hours of chasing down kids! I’ll have to fill you in on how that went when I come back to work (Thursday if I’m not too crazy busy!).

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and happy every other name for Christmas that you may celebrate. HUGS!

I live here???

This will NOT make you proud to be a Houstonian…but then again, maybe they weren’t from Houston???

Check out this link:

BUT..remember…this is just 2 crazy people here out of 3 million. You want the rest of the crazies, just check out the other articles! :-)

This time of year

So be prepared to hate me after this post. I’m serious!

I cooked everything for Thanksgiving dinner other than the turkey roll I told you guys about in my last post. Then had my parents and friends over to eat. I THEN took a 3 mile walk around a park here with a friend and watched a movie that evening with Little Man.

The day after Thanksgiving, I decorated my house for Christmas. Little Man and I put up and decorated our tree, hung lights around the front door and big picture window, we even went to where my Mom works and she gave us a door hanger and brand new beautiful wreath with a pretty Christmas bow on it that she made. I even took pictures, daytime and nighttime! And yes, what you are seeing is even all of the gifts are bought and wrapped already.







This past weekend, I had 8 people over for a cookie exchange. My friends made the BEST tasting cookies! The party started at 7pm. About 11pm, I was ready for bed. Only 3 people had left at that point. I didn’t get the last person out until almost 3am! And that, kids, is why you don’t serve alcohol at parties! LOL, we had fun even though I was getting tired. I brought the leftovers to work on Monday, those cookies were GONE by 11am! No complaints either. My friends want me to have a get-together every month. UMMM…I’m not sure about that one! We shall see!!!

The leftover cookies that disappeared within 2 hours at work

The leftover cookies that disappeared within 2 hours at work

So I decided to help out my friends (especially the single moms) and invite their kiddos over on Christmas Eve for a couple of hours to let their parent/parents go shopping, wrap stuff, hide stuff, whatever while their kids were getting filled up with candy and having fun. Am I crazy? Not totally…I hired 2 teenagers to help me. I am going to have one play area for decorating stockings, one area of singing/dancing, one area for coloring, and another for chalk drawing outside (but only if it’s not raining). I hope they have fun. I know Little Man is SO excited to have all these friends over. I didn’t realize it until I got to 11 kids invited so it’s going to be loud, stress inducing, and I’ll have a migraine by the time they leave time. BUT…totally worth it to help my friends since all my shopping is done, decorating, wrapping, and donating my time and energy. Done, done, and done!

No Elf on the Shelf for me. I think Little Man threw it out when I wasn’t looking because I can’t find it anywhere! I have a TINY 700 sq ft house so there’s not anywhere to hide the damn thing either. It just disappeared! I’m not complaining mind you. AND I’m not crazy enough to have it DO things with it like they show on pinterest. BUT, I wanted to scare Little Man just a bit. He says he doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. CRY! Maybe that’s what hit me this year. I told him that if he doesn’t believe, he doesn’t get presents. HA! Now, he’s gone to see Santa (at Home Depot?!?), talks about Santa constantly, and even willing to watch Christmas movies with me! So far, we have watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Santa Clause. I still have tons more for him to watch and on Christmas Day, he can watch A Christmas Story with me. But then he will probably want a bb gun (damn movies!). That’s okay. I am still making him watch it!!!

When did Santa start being at Home Depot?

When did Santa start being at Home Depot?

I also had my friend help me out and ask her friend to come talk to my little Bear Cub Scouts this week. She answered their questions and then showed them how officers lift fingerprints. The kids were telling her how their parents or grandparents broke the law, asked if they were going to get to be arrested, asked tons of questions about what she does at work. One even asked her if she was allowed to speed and another asked her if she’s ever killed anyone. Gotta love those crazy kids! I’ve never seen the kids stay calm and raise their hands so much. They listened, they took turns, and were so good! I told my officer friend of a friend that I should have her there EVERY week!

Cub scouts LOVED having an officer show them how they lift fingerprints!

Cub scouts LOVED having an officer show them how they lift fingerprints!

So, hate me yet?