I we left our house at 6:15am and arrived at 2:30. We made 3 stops. First to eat breakfast (where Little Man spilled syrup on his clothes and had to change) in Lufkin, TX. Stopped in Marshall, TX for gas and potty break (ended up taking almost 30 minutes because he had to poop). Then we stopped at the Arkansas state sign on the side of the road to continue my pictures of each state he’s been in. So by the time we arrived, we were both pretty tired of the car. I bet my car was happy to be not running for a couple hours as well! Mountain driving in a sedan is nowhere near as fun as being in a 4 wheel drive! We have relaxed, Little Man is in the bathroom for another 30-60 minute time period, and I got to shower and wash my hair which I meant to do last night but was too tired. We will be heading out to dinner with the family when he’s done, I really look forward to seeing my cousins!

On the bad side, my body decides to screw my driving by starting my period last night 2 hours before bed. Gee thanks! Then I forgot my razor and my $17 hair mousse that helps my hair stay down. The only soap in this place are these itty bitty lavender bars and shampoo I can’t use because I’m allergic to! Thank goodness I brought mine! I also have an infection in my gums so I’m in pain like hell and can barely eat. Fun fun! Hopefully someone will have some antibiotics they can spare for me! Why did I remember some things and not the others? Who the hell knows, that’s how traveling is!

My cousin left Houston at 8 am and is not even here yet! She got stuck in traffic leaving the city and then lunch hour in another town as well. Poor thing! But she has 3 kids (2 of which are teenagers) so getting them out the door was probably a lot harder!

I’m off to go eat. Have a great night!



Wish I had more time

My Aunt died yesterday. I just found out this morning. She had lung cancer and had been having a hard time in the last week but she wanted to make it through Christmas for the family.

My Aunt is the one I called when I had problems. She was always there for me and treated me like her own daughter. She was the first person I called when I found my biological mother. She was a wonderful person and I feel like I didn’t get enough time with her.

When Little Man was a baby, I took him to see her. When I got married, she was there. Last year, she came down here and the whole family went to Kemah and had a great day. I wish I had taken out more time to visit her in Arkansas. She is outlived by her ex-husband (my uncle) and her husband. Also her son and step-daughter and their families. The surprising one is her mother who is 96 and still lives on her own.

I am leaving for Arkansas today or tomorrow and will be riding with my cousin who shares my name. She’s not sure if her kids are coming but I’m sending Little Man to stay with my parents until I get back. I gotta find a cheap motel which will be hard in their little town plus I’m sure it will be packed with my Aunts friends and family from all over. I wish I could drive alone since I hate not having a car but I’ll figure that part out up there. I’m sure my cousins will help me out. Plus I probably won’t be at the motel except to sleep since I’ll be with family the rest of the time.

I won’t be posting for the next few days while I take this trip with family. Wow, I guess I have to pack cold weather clothes too! To my friends that knew of my Aunt, you know how much I loved her and how important she was to me.


I love you Aunt Kay!

Popcorn Chair

I am the person in charge of Little Man’s Cub Scout troops popcorn sales this year. We have about 50 boys in our entire pack and 12 in our den. Out of all the boys, 31 sold popcorn this year. Not too shabby in my book.

I had a popcorn party at the school park and only 10 kids showed up. I was VERY disappointed. I had bought popcorn and drinks and cookies for 30! I ended up giving all away to the homeless guy that begs down the street from here. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to get one of those humongous popcorn bags either.

Then I reminded the boys at the next meeting to start selling and handed out order forms to everyone. Everyone took at least 2 forms so I thought we would definitely sell more than the $12,000 we did last year. Boy was I wrong!

Cut to November 20th when I had told EVERYONE the forms were due. Most had them but there were some slackers that “needed more time”. I said that’s okay, come by my house before Saturday at 5pm and I will still accept order forms. A total of 3 people came. So, I put the order in online and got everything set up. I had $8800 in cash and checks. That’s WAY below last year!!! The boys that sold the most last year didn’t sell squat this year. Very upsetting to me because I wanted to show that I could make those boys help our troop.

I turned in the money to our finance guy and he gave me the proper amount to pay the Scouts. Cut to today. EX, Little Man, and I rented a U-Haul, drove to the pick up place, and loaded (with the help of 2 other guys) all the popcorn. We drove to our Scout meeting place and proceeded to unload it all. EX returned the U-Haul, Little Man played his DS, and I organized the popcorn into orders.

7 kids never showed up to get their order. The ones that did, I had them check off that they got the right stuff (I’m proud to say I only missed a couple bags), and I packed all ours in my car. I brought it all home and we unloaded it. I sorted it and took Little Man to deliver to neighbors. Quite a few weren’t home so we will go back tomorrow. I also have to take popcorn to my now old job though on Monday. Thankfully, one friend from each place (my company and where I was contracted to) said they would meet me and take the popcorn in and deliver it for me. I hope that works but then again, not like anyone at either place will ever see me again! I am doing the right thing though. I’m not the person that screws people. Especially out of money, even if it was just for popcorn!

On the plus side, I have 11,000 steps for all my “working out” and have also stayed in my calories. It’s much easier to do any eating plan at home than at work.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hugs!



You won’t believe I’m saying this

Thank God for government help!

After all the BS that company put me through, I am feeling really happy today! I applied for benefits with the state on Wednesday. I got accepted to get food stamps and Medicaid for Little Man (although no TANF). And it’s for the next 6 months! I might have to only get groceries at WalMart but I am a good cook and I’m able to feed myself and my son. Yay!

The unemployment office called and did my interview as well. I might be getting half my old salary until I find a new job. I believe that would be for a year (I may be wrong). They will send me their decision today. I look forward to it!

All and all, things are looking okay until I find a new job. With Christmas being here, now I can relax and do what I need to do plus I get to spend the holidays with my kid. That’s really awesome!

Thank you for your prayers and support. I really need them and am trying to get a job as quickly as possible.


It finally happened

So all weekend I was busy but happy. Monday I went to work and did everything I was supposed to do. About 4pm, boss man IM’s me and asked if I would be at the main office on Tuesday. Naturally I said No because I’m usually only there on Fridays. His next message said, “You need to come to Griffin tomorrow.” So I said okay. I figured I was getting written up or fired and boy was I right!

After working for 30 minutes and answering most of the emails that were on hold for me yesterday morning, I got called into a conference room with boss man and the HR woman. Here’s how it went down. “Jules, as you know, when you got written up last time, we told you that one more mistake could result in termination. Since you did not issue that ticket last month, they want you taken off their account and we have decided to terminate your employment.” That was it. Even though my third mistake in 2 1/2 years, and this would have been a 3rd write up, they decided to fire me. Okay, that’s fine. They also decided without asking me to take more out of my last check, which was only for 8 days anyway, extra insurance payment “to have my insurance cover me through the end of the year”. I didn’t ask to keep your crappy insurance either! They brought me my stuff and walked me to the front door. Fine with me! Boss man has been looking for a reason since he started there in June and I guess I finally gave him one. What a DA. Whatever. I’m happy to not be at that place anymore but am worried about bills. I was finally fixing my credit and now this! Geez.

All of my friends I told yesterday sent encouraging statements and/or job postings. I appreciate that. I will be glad to spend my Christmas with Little Man though. I have been so depressed and anxious these last few months, I think he’s been unhappy himself. I picked him up at school yesterday, took him to get ice cream, and told him that things will be tight until I start working again. He said he would die of starvation so I said no, I would apply for government help with food and hopefully I will get unemployment to pay the bills. That will happen today I hope.

We were playing Mancala and SkipBo together last night. I looked at the clock and told him, “Wow! I wouldn’t normally even be home yet!” He laughed and said he was glad I was home. He asked me to come to his school book fair so I will be going to that in a couple hours. I didn’t sleep well last night though so I think I’ll take a nap until I have to go do that.

Now to get on my computer and get going with all the stuff I need to do! Hugs!

Today happens

I will stay away from all the cop killing stuff going on around the country because I do not live in the 40’s and but I also believe that if the killing was deserved, then they got what they deserved. I don’t care what color you are either.

So my friend posted a picture of this girl in a bikini on Facebook and said, “This is what I want for Christmas.” All of his buddies were saying hell yeah and sure – I’ll tell her now, etc, etc. MY reply to it was total loving sarcasm (because we were in high school band together and now he’s a HOT UFC fighter) was “Well, C, I wasn’t aware that you wore bikinis but if that’s what you want, sure!” He “liked” my reply but didn’t respond in writing. If you know me, you know I am sarcastic and if you don’t remember that about me from growing up with me, it’s because life happened and I grew to be this way. I knew everyone in my class of 1991 at my school BUT I did not get along with many of them. Most of my friends are a grade ahead or behind me (like this guy). One of his other friends liked my comment but then they went back to discussing womens bodies so I’m out of that one!

Off THAT subject – Little Man has updated his Christmas Wish List. Anyone that wants to help me out here, please feel free! My parents have gotten the HUGE ticket item he asked for (well, dear old Dad overspent – I don’t know WHERE he got the iPad Mini but he paid WAY too much! I got the 2nd big ticket item already using my Radisson points to get $200 free so I only had to pay taxes to get the 3DS. I’ll tell you the few perks of being an agent in a minute. He has asked for just about every Beyblade known to man along with “Every Pokemon card pack I can get”. For Books he says, “No educational, boring, or pages above 300. This means your choice.” That’s a choice??? For gift cards he says, “To game stop, academy, toys r us (all $70 or above). This kid has some balls man! I should get him a $10 gift card just to freak him out. And he KNOWS I can’t afford all this! He says he believes in Santa only because he know’s he gets gifts that way. He told me 2 years ago that he doesn’t believe in Santa so I know he’s just playing along.

Speaking of Christmas, I have asked my parents for tickets to the Nutcracker. If they think I’m taking Little Man, they are off their rocker! I can’t believe I want to go. I think I’m getting old or just growing up because that is really what I want. I want to get all dressed up, take a car service, and be dropped off in front to go see the Nutcracker downtown after having a nice dinner somewhere with somebody. Who that somebody will be I have NO clue. I hope I’m not the only one of my friends that is into Classical music and traditions!

So, travel agent perks SUCK these days. At least in the corporate world. All tickets go back to our clients as bonuses for being with us so no free tickets. BOO! SO. I get the following on my own:
Radisson and Sheraton give points for bookings and you save up your points and get gift cards or miles or free nights at Radisson or Sheraton hotels (takes forever when you don’t book them very often!)
Budget/Avis rental cars give $0.25 per day of any rental booking. I get about $50 every 2 months if I haven’t missed any work and have been booking cars like crazy.
Comfort/Quality Hotel chain gives $1 for each 3 day booking you do.
If I have missed any, please share because I need everything extra I can get!!!

That’s about it for this Friday, I should probably get to work too. Hehehe