Labor Day holiday?

Hmm, being a mom, this doesn’t feel like a holiday! I have to do some work today, I have to get the grocery shopping done, cleaning the house, and do the cooking for the week. So I’m letting EX take Little Man wherever he wants today. I don’t even know if the stores are open. I stayed up until 2am watching Netflix and then Little Man woke me up at 7am. I’m tired! And I’m out of Full Throttle so I dont know how I’m going to wake up and get moving!

As for yesterday, I met and I LOVE my little brother! All the time growing up, I always thought I had a twin brother. Well, he and I look a lot alike, we are just 14 years apart.


AND, Little Man and his cousin have the same face.


Oh, this is the best part! My Mom wanted me to have a little girl that she could dress up and stuff but she got stuck with Little Man and since I refuse to have more, she said she will never get to do what she wanted. Well, I met my mini me yesterday. We looked at pictures from me when I was little and oh yeah, she was identical!


So it was a great day. We went to church, then all 7 of us piled in my car and drove to Chuck E Cheese. I spent $50 on all of us to eat and the kids to play. I love it there! Everyone had fun, and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. I can’t wait to see them again. They need a car though. 7 people in my tiny car was interesting. EX said he didn’t want a bunch of people he doesn’t know in his suburban so I couldn’t drive that. So today I told him about how we all piled in and he asked when I got a clown car. Smartass!

So I guess I should wake my happy butt up and get dressed so I can go shopping for the next 2 weeks. Have a great day!


Did it!

I walked 3.2 miles in one hour! Now if I could run that, I’d be ready for a 5K!

It’s 9:05 am and I already walked this many steps today!

That is my one hour walk. I am proud of myself this morning! The balls of my feet hurt but I got back out there!

Have a good day! I need a shower and get moving for all the stuff I have to get done today!

Been a few days

Oh geez! That’s how I know I’m way too busy at work. I did not have time to post much at all! I haven’t talked about the weight loss either. I’m sorry for being such a slacker lately.

On the weight front, I lost some of the weight that I had gained when I took the week off. I’m still above that nice 206.6 though. Actually exactly one pound above that at 207.6! So I’m up early this Saturday so I can get out and get my exercise in. I’ve been pretty bad about that lately other than walking Little Man to school every morning. I hit 10,000 steps 5 times in the past week just doing that though. I’ve stayed within my calories for the most part (I did go over twice because I’m a Cookie Monster). I know my weakness, I choose to eat them sometimes anyway and there is nothing wrong with that IN MODERATION Jules – NOT 6 cookies from a bakery that you don’t really know how many calories are in them! I know I need to take own advise, yep, I’ve said that before! With that said, my goal this week is to get more exercise and eat 100 calories less than what it says my daily calorie goal is. Okay, that’s easy for me on weekends. It’s that I stress eat at work! Any thoughts or ideas to help stop myself from doing that, let me know!

Having EX here is still going well. He’s cleaning up after himself, helps with Little Man, and for some reason, he tells me what he’s doing if he’s not here. Okay, I admit, that’s a bit strange. When he text and told me he was hanging out at his friends house and would be late, I text him back and let him know that we’re not married and he doesn’t have to check in with me. I’m not going to ask where he’s been or who he was with, I don’t care enough to! But I secretly like it. Don’t tell! He’s been chatting with me and just hanging out which is another reason why I had to tell him that. He needs to be reminded because I’m not moving backward. If I wouldn’t go back to Engineer, I’m definitely not going back to EX!

My blood relatives have stop texting me all day every day. Thank God! Hopefully the newness is wearing down and we can all just chat sometimes, not every few hours. It still overwhelms me that I have this huge family! After I meet my brother tomorrow, I want to try and get in touch with the grandparents. We will see if that goes over well. Here’s a pic of my grandmother and great grandmother. That’s pretty cool to me that I get to see this!


I talked to my non blood sister late last night and got her caught up on everything. She and I are born 3 days apart and met in high school. We may not talk sometimes for a year, but can catch up and keep going like we just talked yesterday. I hope my blood relatives get to be like that to me, it doesn’t happen overnight though. Maybe eventually?

I am out of energy drinks so I’m having a hard time waking up this morning. Maybe I’ll walk the mile and a half to this convenience store that I know has them for my exercise this morning. It’s a lot farther than I’m used to but I’m sure I can do it! I also really want one. It’s yet another addiction! I tried a Mountain Dew already when I woke u but it doesn’t have the same caffeine so I’m having trouble getting moving (note I’m still blogging).

So I’m going to get up off my ass and put clothes on and go. I’ll have to post more later if I have time because I didn’t finish everything that’s happened but I’m typing all this on my phone so it’s a lot slower than if I was at my computer. I am going to my mechanic’s today for an oil change, gotta pay my Dad my monthly payment for the condo taxes, pay other bills, take care of Little Man, and I have to work today for 4 hours too. No fun! Have a great day! Hugs!


You know what? I am very privileged. I have a 1 bedroom condo that was given to me (by paying off the mortgage). I am healthy, happy, and have a great kid who is healthy. We have food, a car, 2 tv’s, a laptop, an iPhone and iPad, and I’m able to hold a job. I feel for the people that don’t. No matter how old my “things” are, it’s still much more than a lot of people have.

I’m not talking about starving kids in other countries or how Americans have it better than others. I’m talking about the people you see talking to themselves (as well as answering in their own personal conversation) and the really homeless and ill, mentally or physically.

That guy that lives behind my office building? Found out it’s his parents that have a house nearby, not him. His mother brings him his disability check each month but he prefers to stay right there. We got a memo to not give him anything but damn, he’s skinnier than EX! They gave us lunch here and it was something that I would never eat. I took what was given to me and left for lunch. I walked all the way around the building. He saw me on one side of the sidewalk and put his shoes on and walked away. So I walked around another building and caught him. I said, “Hey! I’m just trying to feed you.” He held his hands out and I put the plate on them. We both turned and walked away and nothing else was said. By the time I walked back around both buildings (about 4 minutes) and went to the area he stays in, he was finishing everything off and picking at the crumbs. Think he was a bit hungry? Geez!

I have my own lunch and have no problem with feeding someone without. Especially when there’s so much and he has nothing. I don’t want to get in trouble but you know what? I’ve been homeless before. I didn’t want to go home either. And if you think seriously about my anxiety, if it wasn’t for me being able to have the nerve to see a doctor and be willing to be medicated, I could end up like that. I don’t wish that life on even my worst enemy.

That’s just how I am but I hope everyone that has had issues in their own past will do something to help the less fortunate around them. I don’t mean give the homeless money, I never do that. But I will feed them and always am willing to give them a bottle of water. Not the beggars at street corners, the ones that go out of their way not to be seen or beg.

So many questions answered

Yesterday was awesome! I adore my baby sister. She and I drove around her town and I got to meet my aunt and uncle and if one of my other sisters had been home, I would know 2 of them! We talked, shared pictures, and cried. When I got out of my car, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared. Guess what? I’m the spitting image of my biological mother!

I stayed out there for about 6 hours. Here are some pics of my bio mom. I bet you’ll be as shocked as she was!




And here’s a pic of me and her from yesterday.


I was told that the way I stand, smile, and laugh was all my bio mom. Other than my height, they thought I was her back from the dead. My baby sister (age 32) called and let me talk to the other siblings. My baby brother (age 27) asked me to come visit him next weekend in Dickinson. One of the other sisters lives in Higgins, TX. So that’s the 4 siblings I have. I was told that I have an Aunt in the military and an Uncle who is overseas doing missionary work but they never talked.

It was an emotionally draining but awesome day. When I got back into town, the first thing I did was go to my parents house. I sat between them on the couch and told them how much I loved them and how happy I was to have been adopted by them. They are my parents! I told them how I found everything out, they were really good about it. I showed them the pictures and even they were shocked. My mom kept staring at one of the pictures saying “WOW”. I showed them the birth certificate and they said it’s identical to theirs but only with her name.

I was told that my bio mom was not the best person but she did her best. Any addictive qualities I have came from her. I wanted to stay longer. They had some friends over and we all had a couple beers and a venison burger (my fav!). I was introduced around as her sister. The sister closest to me in age said, “I guess I’m not the oldest now” a few times when we talked. Looks like I’m going down towards Galveston this coming weekend! I can see holidays being more fun now. I can’t believe how fast this went and how great it turned out! They all said they definitely want me in their lives (well, I haven’t talked to one but the other 3 do) and since I have the birth certificate and look like her, none have questioned anything. I’m willing to do a DNA if they want. I can’t believe they grew up not 30 minutes away in an area of town here people call “Gunspoint”. You never know how I didn’t run into them.

My sister told me that my bio mom didn’t want to give me away. But in the 70’s, at 16, she didn’t have a choice. She never even got to see me. She was sent off to a girls school while pregnant and her parents set everything up. That’s how my parents did it so fast. DePelchin had 9 months to find someone to raise me and I’m so glad they gave me to my parents!

This can happen to anyone that’s been looking for a long time. Results may vary, that’s why I didn’t make contact until I had the birth certificate. I wanted to be sure. I’m Cherokee and Apache and German. What a combo! Now when my Aunt calls, I’m giving her all of their information and let her do my genealogy. That’s her specialty and she was behind my decision to do this yesterday by 100%. I love my Aunt. Also found out when I talked to her yesterday that she has lung cancer which is very sad! My cousin and his son are in her state helping her out. I wish I could be there!

I have to work today and I’m still worn out from everything yesterday but I’ll get through it. Happy Monday! Hugs!

Holy ….

I got a bit wasted with friends last night. I was walking the dog and saw this guys truck so I let her off the leash and she ran over to them. So we were talking and drinking for a while. My phone was at home charging. So I told my friends that I was going to get some beer at the house and got my phone too.

I had a message on Facebook. I looked and finally one of my half-sisters replied to me! I told her who I was and what I really wanted to know and she gave me her phone number! I called her. She’s the middle daughter, 33, married with 3 kids, one of whom is Little Mans age. She invited me up to her house today too! She looked me up on Facebook and said I look just like her Mom. Her Mom told her kids about me when they were teenagers. I have to take the birth certificate with me for my proof but this is exciting! I’m nervous too. We got along great over the phone. She’s going to call her sisters while I’m there today so I can meet them too. I’m still in shock but happy that she’s willing to meet. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m so bad

Ok friends and followers. I should feel really bad about this but for some reason I don’t! I took the past few days off my plan. I have been depressed over my job and my life. My house is a wreck and dirty, EX keeps trying to give me beer when I get home from work (I think to make himself feel better about drinking), and his stuff is everywhere! I need to make him some room but i dont know where to. I need to get my son to lose weight but he exercises and will be walking to and from school so I think he will even out. Plus I honestly hate taking him with me! I want to walk/run and having him go makes me slower plus I have to listen to him complain about his knees, his feet, his legs, and stopping every few minutes to let him catch up.

I have been waking up at 3 and 4 in the morning too. Today was the first day I got more than 5 hours sleep since Wednesday. That might be part of my problem. Less sleep means I crave more junk. I haven’t been eating well at all. I just haven’t cared this week. I still think it’s because I’m about to start but it’s more too. Little sleep, depression, having EX basically moving in, it all makes my life more hectic and therefore I have to work harder at this.

So after I weighed and saw a 1.2 gain this morning (please note I ate in bed at midnight and fell asleep right after), I slept well, got up, walked Amber, then went in my patio and sprayed anything green. I hadn’t done that in a few weeks and OMG I could tell! There was so much! It took me 15 minutes to walk around my tiny patio to spray the weeds! But if it doesn’t rain in the next hour, everything will be dead again back there, at least for another week. I spray and spray but more grows wherever I didn’t spray! Crazy. I need to make sure I get all the exercise I can today because at 3pm, I’m going to a cake tasting with my Mom’s friend for the anniversary party. I LOVE cake! I can’t wait! And they already told me they can do whatever I want in a cake so that’s great too! I’ll have to update later when I’m feeling lazy, or maybe just tell you guys tomorrow how it was. We are going to a place recommended to me called Three Brothers Bakery. EX is taking Little Man to the Scout pool party in a little bit so I’ll get up and clean then.

Have a good weekend, I know I’m going to try! EX just got back so I’m off for now. Hugs!