The Past

So a few things I felt like sharing with you.

Back in 1996, I weighed 406. I had gastro-plasty. That’s not the band, not gastric bypass, it’s an unmovable band with staples under it. They cut me open, took out my gallbladder, and made me a pouch instead of the humongous stomach I had given myself. I was still in my 20′s, used all kinds of drugs, and let me tell you! These certain drugs that people think will make them skinny? Yeah, I tried that and it doesn’t always work. Maybe it does for some but with me, I just kept getting bigger. I’m sharing a picture and I hope my friend in the picture with me doesn’t get mad (that’s why I’m not saying who he is). You’ve seen pictures of me now, now see how it all started.


I have never stretched out another stomach like some other patients did. I used to know a guy that lost like 300 pounds with the surgery and when I saw him a few years ago, he was bigger than when he had the surgery! I lost about 100 pounds with the surgery overall. I’ve been struggling to get rid of the rest since. Yes, I don’t eat as much as anyone else, but I eat 6 times a day because if I don’t, my pouch closes really tiny and I’ll barf whatever I tried to eat. I’m lucky that I’m at 209 and not 406 or more.

Surgery is NOT for everybody! If you try my plan, you will lose weight and you will not believe you ever wanted to put yourself and your body through that! Plus this way you’ll be healthier and in shape instead of having all the excess skin like I have. If you don’t have to for medical reasons, please try my plan before you put yourself through all that! I wish I knew then what I know now at 41. I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.

I gave this site name to a girl where I work and wanted to praise her. She works 40 hours a week, has a baby at home, plus she goes to school at night. You know who you are, I’m just proud of you and wish you the best! Hope your midterm went well last night too. I don’t share this site with most people that I have to be around in my work life because it’s none of their business but she seems really cool and so smart for her age!

Dallas seems to have had a small setback. I keep telling her that it’s okay and everything will work out. Hope she listens to me because she doesn’t have many positive people in her life.

Finally talked to Kansas last night. She said she’s afraid to weigh after taking 5 days off for the funeral and helping family and eating whatever people brought over. I think she’ll be fine though and I will be there to help her out. For some reason, her Pacer app is not linking correctly to her MyFitnessPal either. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

It’s Wednesday, hump day, let’s have a better day today! I’m shooting for not having to take my anxiety meds. What will you do to make today great?

MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

Thought Tuesdays were supposed to be better than Mondays?!?

Today has NOT been good so far. Woke up late, still got to work on time and had done everything I needed to do, then it all went downhill.

Stress city here at the job. So bad for me today that I started having an anxiety attack and was sweating in my freezing office cubicle! I took my medicine but only a fourth of a pill (don’t need to pass out at work), then went home at lunch to try and relax a bit. Well, that didn’t work either. I feel like I have all these people either not reading my emails or they just want to place blame on me for their screwups. I don’t THINK I screwed anything up! I even re-emailed conversations back so they can see I did what I was supposed to do. And then of course, they start getting angry and I get really testy emails back.

When will things get better? Should I ask to be transferred (there’s no open positions), should I look for another job in the same thing I do now, or should I just get out of this business and start my own? All seem good to me.

Just had to rant for a bit. My break is over so I have to go get more emails.

Have to update this! It’s 7:15, I just finished going on a mile hike with my son. So proud that he did it with minimal complaining!

So at work, the person I was emailing asked their supervisor a question, and then the supervisor emails all of the big bosses at my job in a reply to me! That pissed me off so I replied that “These are the options I have and already gave to you. The traveler has no other choices. Which one do you want to do?” Then they wouldn’t answer the phone and I had not received a reply by the time I left. So I know I have to deal with that tomorrow, stupid!

Walking and steps

So I cooked and cleaned today. I’ve done 4 loads of laundry at once in my complex laundromat, made the entire weeks food, and did some very basic cleaning. Took 4 hours but that and the walk my son and I did this morning have already put me over 10,000 steps for the day! Whew! I’m tired! He still wants to swim later too with me so I’m burning those calories today!


Talked to Dallas for about an hour and we talked about the plan. She hasn’t weighed herself since she started this but I’m sure she’s doing great. I told her that if she doesn’t take care of herself, she won’t be around to take care of her hubby and kids. It’s SO important that we take care of ourselves first! She said she stopped cooking because she was told that it wasn’t good enough. I told her to just cook for herself and if they want it, or they complain, just say that it’s mine.

Kansas is dealing with one of the biggest, stressful, hard problem of her last grandparent passing away. I wish I was there with her but if you pray, please do so for her family as they go through this. She hasn’t been tracking but she said she has been trying to be careful. I’m going to try and help from Houston as much as I can.

Here’s my daily steps for the past week. I think I’m doing pretty good!


Here’s my week of calories. I think I can do better but I’m not pushing myself too hard, I only want to lose a pound a week!


I’ll post this week at some point. The steps app Pacer looks a bit different than my step app but works the same way. The other 2 pictures are from myfitnesspal. Love it!!!


I am starting to love weigh in day. Is that weird? This morning, I weighed 209.4!!! Already took Little Man on a one mile walk too. Good Sunday! Getting hotter already, but it started well.

Yesterday, I swam for an hour. Did u know that swimming (not just floating around) burns over 400 calories an hour? I had no clue until I did it. And it was fun. Little man had me drag him around the pool, I swam laps plus raced him a couple laps, and we played this game where you have to guess a movie title by it’s initials and then swim across the pool and touch the other persons hand to guess. If you are wrong, you have to swim back and forth until you get it right. Lots of fun exercise!

Today, I am making food for the week. I’m thinking Mac & cheese lasagna for dinners and this breakfast casserole. Both easy to make and filled with veggies and yummy good stuff! I’ll probably bake some muffins for Little Man too. I’m getting him to understand serving sizes. I have him reading packages and only having a serving (or two). I told him that you take different foods of one serving each to make a meal. If I get him started like this at 9 years old, he’ll be a smart adult when it comes to food.

Anyway, I’m sitting outside enjoying the morning. You guys have a great day!




Little Man asked me to cut open the chip box so he could wear it as armor. Umm, sure kiddo. I asked if he wanted to dress like chips for Halloween and he laughed and said NO! I just need some armor to protect me. Okay, whatever!!!


In other news, I painted a wall in our house because Little Man asked so nicely! Mommy, as you know I have outgrown Thomas the tank engine. Can you please paint one of my walls white so I can paint it myself? So guess what I did last night while he stayed with his grandparents? Yep! I bought 5 cans of Kilz and painted 8 feet of wall with it so he can paint on it. I used the spray paint kind and I never will again. I had put plastic over the furniture and halfway across the room to paint. Everything was covered in paint dust, all the way across the room where my tile wasn’t covered! So I also had to mop last night. Well, at least it’s clean in here now! Here’s the pictures, at least I was smart enough to cover myself!




I got him to walk a couple miles with me today. I’d like to try and get rid of both our guts and walking is a great option! I don’t want him to get made fun of at school or be the fat kid and there’s no way i’m going to say he’s fat but my Dad did last night and that’s pretty bad when the grandparents mention it! We are also waiting for the rain to go away and then we are going swimming. Now that I’m down enough that my old suit fits, I’m excited to get in the pool again!

I hope your weekend is good and I’ll let you know if I actually lost anything this week tomorrow. I had 2 days with too many cookies and went WAY over my daily calories for those days so we shall see! Hopefully 2 days out of 7 won’t make me gain anything. Oh, the pulled muscle is better but I think slow walking with Little Man and swimming is good for today, I am going to try and go to the gym tomorrow since I’m down to only 4 more free days!

Well crap

So I had my friend get me a guest pass to 24 hour fitness yesterday. I thought it was for one day so when they gave me a week, I was ecstatic! I went at lunch but got stuck in line and wasn’t able to work out. I talked to the manager and he said he would let my son try out the kids room for free if I came back last night. I went home, ate dinner, then we drove over by my office to this location to save the $6 it normally costs for kids with no membership.

I dropped him off, then went upstairs and got on the treadmill. I was bored so I upped my incline to 3 and was walking at 3.2 mph (5 km). Well, he had a great time and I enjoyed my workout (tons of hotties to look at).

This morning, I woke up and when I tried to get out of bed, almost fell. I was in so much pain! I pulled my groin muscle on my right leg last night! My own fault for wanting a good workout I guess. Well, I’m not sure how long it takes to heal this kind of injury but I don’t want to waste my free week! So now what do I do?!? I’m limping along and wincing in pain and will probably have less than 5000 steps total today. Yesterday, my total was 13,000!

Any help is appreciated. I’m afraid to tell my trainer in Arizona, I don’t want him mad at me. I’ll probably have to though, he’ll wonder why I’m not making my steps.


Sleepy Tuesday

Yesterday was awful. I was so stressed just having to go back to that office and then was slammed the entire day. I think I issued almost 50 tickets!

Last night I come home and Little Man wants his face painted like some character on Beyblades. It took about 20 minutes just to get it on, he had me take a picture, then he goes and washes it off. Plus I had to do laundry. And make dinner. And get stuff ready for today. So yeah, I was busy!

I only did 8000 steps yesterday. But I did stay under my calorie goal. About 11pm, Little Man tells me that he can’t sleep in the bed and he wants the couch. What?!? That’s late at night! But I told him if I move to the bed, he can’t ask to switch with me again. He jumped up and says OK! then moves my stuff to the bedroom. So I guess the bunk bed is mine now? Crazy kid, he wanted this so my parents gave it to him for Christmas and now he won’t even sleep on it! So that woke me up and I didn’t get any sleep. I kept waking up. I slept 4 hours so I’m sleepy. I took Amber out this morning and walked for 35 minutes do now not only an I sleepy, I’m tired!

I hate that I have to go to work. Can you guys tell me if a garage/closet cleaning business would work? I’m tired of doing stuff and getting in trouble for it when everyone makes mistakes!