Thanksgiving break?

So Little Man gets out of school at 12:30pm today. His Dad and I are both working ALL day. Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday – no school. He and I both work tomorrow, both of Thursday, then I work on Friday. I was NOT allowed to take any time off because my co-workers already took all the days. Yes, Little Man is old enough to stay at home but that doesn’t mean I like it! Thankfully, my neighbor said they would keep him on Wednesday. Thursday, Little Man is going with his Dad to his great grandparents place. That means that I get the day to myself. Yes, I will go to my parents house for lunch (I already took them the turkey from Costco that they love). Otherwise, I’m thinking the movies!!! BUT…I have to work on Friday. The office where I am contracted to is closed, my office will be empty as everyone has taken the day off, why can’t I work at home? Because they have STILL not set me up! So I have to go be by myself ALL day on Friday in an empty office building. I’m NOT happy about this. Maybe they want me to quit??? Cause that’s not going to happen…I can’t afford that. I do hope everyone has a good holiday though.

Weight – 208. Who cares? It’s the holidays now. And since I’m NOT going on an 8 mile hike in April, I have slacked off a bit. Okay, fine, MORE than a bit. I’m going over my calories daily by about 300 calories which in reality is not really that bad…it’s 2100 calories a day versus the 1800 I’m supposed to have to lose weight. BUT I’m going to stick close because I do not want to gain anything back! I need my clothes to fit…especially since I gave away all my big clothes!

Still on POF…my friend said I’m on the wrong site and that she met her boyfriend on OKC. THEN, I talked to a guy last night that actually sounds perfect, at least online. I’d have to meet the guy to see if he’s really a good guy. He has a teenage daughter, poor thing, but he does have help. So we shall see!

Nothing on the bio-Dad front…I’m sure EX nbr 1 has been busy with it being the holidays. I know that he’ll help when he has time which is all I can ask!

I don’t have much else going on. I guess that’s a good thing. I am saddened by all that has happened in Missouri. I thought our world was past all that but I guess not. Who knows…maybe someone paid off the jury or maybe we don’t know some extenuating facts. I just couldn’t believe all the rioting!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay safe and eat well! Hugs!

Geez, ok!

My mini me

My mini me

Blue water for the Royals

Blue water for the Royals

Yep, that's me!

Yep, that’s me!



Changed from blonde to red hair

Changed from blonde to red hair

Baby brother and sister in law

Baby brother and sister in law



He's so precious!

He’s so precious!

My Mimi

My Mimi

My Nanny

My Nanny

Oldest sister - 6 years younger

Oldest sister – 6 years younger

First cold day of the year

First cold day of the year

I have been asked twice in the past 2 days why I haven’t posted lately. HERE I AM!

So EX number 1 is helping me immensely right now. After finding my bio-mom, now I want to know the bio-dad. My aunt said she knows who he is but does not remember his name and has never taken the time to help me find out. Well! Ex number 1 has siblings that went to school with my mother and her beau. HAH! He will be found! I just hope he’s a better person than she was. Not speaking ill of the dead, just saying that her kids are all kinds of f’ed up because of her choices! I’m glad I went through the drug stage and the “everything I can do that’s bad” stages early in life and then quit before I had my son. I don’t ever like seeing kids raised that way!

EX number 2 is still on the couch, still paying child support, and still paying me weekly for the honor of staying on my couch. Little Man has finally realized that his Dad is not going anywhere and getting used to him. FINALLY! Things are tight because of bills I’m paying off but that’s okay. We will get it done. Shopping at Costco and WalMart helps even though I hate Wally World, it saves money over regular grocery stores.

Work is, well, who knows. I’m on the verge of getting fired daily. I swear, even if I did, I think I would be happier. Less stress (work wise at least), bills harder to pay though. But then again, I could do what every non American seems to do – go to the government! If it happens while our Pres is still in office, even better! Isn’t he all about the single parents help? I may find out!

I haven’t lost any more weight…I’m kinda stuck at 205. Nothing wrong with that though! Especially since where I started in 1997! But I’m trying to do better, drink less soda, eat less junk, it’s hard! I’ll get it eventually though.

Arizona and I will NOT be getting together, like, ever. He says “maybe” and that’s not an answer. I do not want to live there and he doesn’t want to live here and I don’t want to leave my parents in their elderly years so we are at a stand point and decided to just stay friends. Yes, I know it sucks, but better to find out now than to spend a ton of money to go on vacation with him and THEN decide to “just be friends”. :) So I made an account on POF. If you don’t know what that is, it is a free dating website called Plenty of Fish. Let me tell you though. Every single male that has sent me a message has NOT been my type AT ALL. I do not date black men because of a personal experience in college that I do not care to remember, let alone discuss. I do not date morbidly obese men because I remember where I came from and I know they could take better care of themselves and just choose not to. I like to hike, bike, swim outdoors, and indoors, go to movies or go out to dinner but not all the time! SO…I tried talking to this one guy but I can’t get past his face. It just scares me. Then all the ghetto guys sending me messages…uh NO! We shall see if that goes anywhere. I just may never date until Little Man is all grown up. I would actually be okay with that seeing that EX number 2 is in my house. How does THAT look to any other guy??? Weird, that’s how! Even if it is platonic, I doubt they would believe that.

I’ve been hanging out with my brother and his family more and I love it. They came and spent the weekend at my place. 8 people in a 700 sq ft one bedroom condo…it was tight!!! Plus all 8 people sharing ONE bathroom??? OMG…never again. I love them though. That’s why his wife and I are having a girls night on Friday. EX and Little Man are going on a Scout’s campout so she and I will have my house all to ourselves to do whatever we want. I can’t wait! I’m trying to get her to do my plan too. Yeah, she’s a little heavy, but she just had a kid 7 months ago and she’s NOT one of the Kardashian’s! They are getting their own place next week so we will all be able to hang out there. I really do not like my sisters much though. All druggies, liars, and probably thieves as well. I don’t want to find out. I actually told my youngest sister that I do not want to see her since she stole from me. The oldest sister of mine lives 12 hours from me (still in Texas) so I doubt that I’ll ever meet her. She looks the most like me too. Pictures below.

Little Man has asked for a 3DS AND an iPad mini for Christmas. That kid, man! I got the DS covered so my parents said they would cover the iPad. So I made a deal with Little Man. I told him how much smaller the mini is and he wants my regular iPad and I get the new one! YAY!

Halloween pictures, brother and family photos, my grand mothers pictures that I found are shown. Have a great day!

My eye

So I have had a blocked tear duct this week. Have only been able to see out of my right eye. Can’t drive, can’t work, I’m bored out of my skull!!!!

I went to my regular doctor who sent me to the eye doctor. That was $72. Then I went to the eye doctor who is very cool letting me pay $30 cash but said if I put hot compresses on it, it would go away and be fine. Yeah, right! I put compresses on it Monday night and Tuesday at work. I thought it was getting better! I get home in Tuesday and the thing below is on my eye! What the hell?


Gross, right? So I called and got a last minute appointment with a specialist on Wednesday. He took one look at it and prescribed me antibiotics. Why couldn’t the first doctor do that I have no clue!

Well, it finally popped or burst in my sleep last night. Now I have a lovely crater in my eye and the new doctor says to try and stay in bed today so nothing else gets in it. So I let my boss and coworkers know. My boss is cool, says to keep him informed. My coworker says, “Didn’t you realize that bitch is off today?” Like I could help this! Damn woman! I don’t care. She didn’t have plans, she could have cancelled her day off. She has taken every damn Friday off for the rest of the year! So no, I can’t go in. My eye hurts, it’s a damn crater, and I’m not trying to stare at a computer all day or get stressed when I’m trying to heal.


Plus I’m not eating much. I tried yesterday. I ate a homemade biscuit with butter for breakfast, threw that up. Tried eating cheese and crackers for lunch, threw that up. On the plus side, I was able to keep down a fun size 3 musketeers but that was about it. I’m down to 205.4 which I believe is .4 below where I was when I got stressed and busy and wasn’t following my plan much. So that’s a good thing. As long as I can keep it off when I start eating again. I’m a bit afraid to eat. I don’t like throwing up, who does? So I tried to read a new book my Mom got for me but it hurts my eye so that’s out. Guess I’m just going back to sleep. At least for a while. I have lots of laundry to do and we really need groceries. Plus I have to pay bills which means I do not have much left. I got a bit overwhelmed with them this month because of all the doctor visits.

Today is Halloween!!! My favorite non holiday of the year. My brother and his family were supposed to come over but I’m not sure if they are now. He got a new job and had to work. But that’s great for them, they needed to find something.


So that’s my brother and sister in law. So I’m off for a bit more sleep. Have a great day. Sorry I’m. It writing as much as I was but now you know why!


So I have not been writing. I took some time away because I have been busy! Work, taking Little Man to a shrink and getting him back on meds, having EX around has been good, family stuff.

I gained 5 pounds but down 2 so I am back on track. I’ve had some health issues, not at work today because I have to go to an eye specialist today.

I am thinking of writing a book about all of this family stuff. It’s a work in progress, things are definitely not done yet. Hugs everybody!

Knew it

207.6 today

That’s okay. I always gain after my monthly time. I hit 10,000 steps 5 times in the past week and went over my calories every single day. But at least I’m exercising! I’ll stop drinking all the soda again, that’s why I keep going over. If you look at my food consumption, I never go over. I just need to cut out the lunchtime pop.

So I’m stressed like crazy, my teeth hurt like hell, and I have taken an anti-anxiety med every day this week. Between work, cub scouts, and my full house plus friends and all this family stuff, I need a break!

This weekend is my Scout popcorn kickoff party. Next weekend i dont know thankfully but then, on October 10th, I am getting the heck out of Houston! I will drive to Dallas in a rented SUV, pick up my best friend there, then drive to Kansas to let my 2 best girl friends meet! I’ll be back on Monday the 13th so it’s not a long vacation, but I am getting away!

Have a great weekend, I’m going to try and get my calorie consumption under control. Hugs!

Back into it!

Well yay for me! Yesterday I hit my 10,000 steps and I’m already at 7,000 for today! Maybe I won’t jinx myself by saying that I am really back into my plan! Yes, I went over my calories yesterday but only by 236. I worked off most of my calories cleaning and walking the dog. It was amazing. I feel pretty good today. I got all those steps yesterday even though all I wanted to do was sleep. I even took a nap yesterday!

EX took Little Man to his scout meeting yesterday which worked out well. That’s when I slept. When they got back, I was hearing a noise in my blinds and when I hit it, I saw a wasp! Then they walked in and I told EX to kill it while Little Man and I were in safety of the bedroom. It took him a couple of minutes, then we were fine. Whew! Then Little Man presented me with a necklace. It’s from him so of course I’m wearing it!

Today is crazy day at work like every Monday. My lunchtime is going by too fast. Have a great day! Hugs!