Great busy weekend

I have been keeping busy and spending money that EX gave me this weekend, none of my own! 

Yesterday Little Man and I went to Livingston to see one of my sisters and her family. I almost came home with a puppy too! My sister and her husband gave this woman 2 big neon signs and were supposed to be able to get 2 puppies for them (the puppies are $250 each but the neon signs are worth about $400 each) but the woman changed her mind last minute and only let my sister take one puppy because she needs the money (totally understandable). It may have worked out for the best. I would LOVE to have the puppy but what would my 8 year old dog do plus how would I pay for all the stuff puppies need? It was a good day though. Got to spend time with my sister and her son and Little Man played together. We were supposed to go to Eagle Fest but decided that the weather wasn’t cooperating well enough so we just hung out. That was fine with me! Here is my sisters puppy. The one I was going to get was black and named Yoda because he had Yoda ears! My sisters dog is named Chewbacca.

When we left and drive back to Houston, I took Little Man to the Rainforest Cafe at the Galleria Mall. We had coupons so dinner for 2 was $20 and we got 3 toys in the gift shop for under $20. He even ate everything on his plate! I was so excited, I let him go to the Lego store and get a Lego Minecraft set plus go to Game Stop and get a new Pokemon game from their used game selection. I told him thanks for being my date tonight so I could stay out of the house a bit longer and he smiled and said thank you for everything! 

 Today has been pretty lazy although I completed my first mystery shopping assignment! That was fun. I spent money on lunch for myself but that was spectacular so I’m not complaining! I’ll get paid back for the parking plus the job fee. It was a good experience and I can’t wait to do more this week! 

I weighed myself yesterday morning before we left and I was down to 203.8!!! So hopefully I weighed myself last time on a bad day or the wrong time when it showed 210. Otherwise, how did I lose 6.2 pounds in a week? I’m not complaining though, not at all! I’m really working hard again at this. I was really mad at myself when I saw that 210. I worked so hard to get to 200, why did I let myself get 10 pounds heavier??? So now I have changed it. I got some skinny cow chocolates at Costco. They are so good!!! I have to keep a hold of myself to only eat one a day!

My car is running good. My house is clean. I’m not as depressed as I was last week. I hope this is a good week! Hugs!

Oh what a great Monday


So this morning I walked down to my dead vehicle and sat there for over an hour waiting for a tow truck. Finally this kid comes, hooks up my Silver, and takes her to a new shop that a AAA recommended.

While I’m waiting, I get a phone call from one of the bosses at my part time job. He tells me that they are moving in another direction and won’t need me anymore. That’s fine with me but shit, I just got fired again.

So now I have no car and no job. I had to call unemployment this morning and tell them that I did have a job so I’m hoping that since I got fired after that, I won’t lose my benefits. I only have another month left of it anyway. Then I don’t know what to do. I guess my life is supposed to get better at some point but I will have no way to pay my bills after next month. Maybe in 2 weeks even! Guess I’ll find out then. 

In case I get an interview while my car is in the shop, I got a rental car. It’s a red 4 door Hyundai Accent. I used to love mine back in 1999 so I’ll keep it. Hopefully my car will be fixed in a day so it won’t cost much for the rental. I am hoping and praying that my car doesn’t cost a lot as well!

So anyway, I hope your Monday is better than mine. I’m at home, in bed, but am getting online to look for a job after this. I can’t just wait and hope someone contacts me anymore. Hugs!

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there! 

I was supposed to go to breakfast with my parents but I’m not feeling like doing anything today. So my Dad was not happy with me but Little Man is very happy that we didn’t have to do anything. 

I’ve been a bit depressed this past week but I started today getting past it. Exercise is always good for that! My car stopped running again yesterday at Little Man’s friends house so I took the dog and walked down to my car earlier to see if it would start. It didn’t but it made me get out and exercise! I got in a 30 minute walk which got my heart rate up and got some endorphins going. My depression is not because of my failed relationship but because during my relationship, I gained 8 pounds! So now I want to work it off as soon as possible and get back to it. I’m still hurting but I can’t sit here any longer. So I’m taking the pain pills and doing what I need to do.

 So I’m back at home resting my leg and watching Netflix. I’m going to have to walk over and give my Mom her Mother’s Day cards later as well so yay, more exercise!


My message yesterday 

So readers, my letter obviously did not go over well. See why I need input? I really didn’t think he would break up with me but when he did, I felt this HUGE weight lifted off of me. Maybe my subconscious wanted him to, who knows. I really thought it would motivate him or at least make him think but all it did was show me what a kid he still is and that he can’t handle the truth (insert Jack Nicholson meme here).

I am feeling much better today. I didn’t get much sleep but I’ll live. Now that I’m feeling better, I need to do laundry and sweep my house. I have to get rid of all that dandruff! Oh, and to my friends that have dandruff – I’ve seen yours and trust me, it doesn’t compare to turning a maroon pillowcase white by morning! You know, my parents brought me up to notice everything. I know my flaws and I accept them. If someone tells me about them, I will own it. I’m not afraid to see the ugly truth about myself.

I go back to work tomorrow. I’m not thrilled but I need to. My paycheck this week is for a whopping $17! Yeah, time to get with it! It’s supposed to rain today, I hope it does. It won’t make doing laundry easier but we need the rain to help get rid of the pollen! I hope everyone has a good Wednesday and gets whatever they need to get done finished. Hugs!

What can I say?

This is a letter I want to send to DJ but don’t have his email. What do you think? Should I send it?


I care about you and love you. I am not breaking up with you. I need to tell you what is bothering me but am afraid to tell you in person because I don’t want you to get angry. 

Your anger issues bother me. I am literally afraid to speak sometimes because I do not want you to get angry at me. When you got angry over parking, I knew then that you have got to get it under control. You will have a heart attack before 40 unless you learn to control your anger. I have been with an angry person and do not want to live through that again. I’m afraid to be around you because I don’t want to be the person you’re angry at or if it goes farther, be hurt by you (although I doubt you would). Your high blood pressure probably has a lot to do about all this anger as well. If you can get it under control, you will probably see a drop in your blood pressure to the point that you may not need the medication anymore.

I mentioned to you about a medicated shampoo to help with the dry scalp but you don’t seem to want to listen. I spoke with a dermatologist and they said to use a medicated shampoo every single day for a week to stop the dryness and then use it every other day to maintain. Your friends will not tell you how bad it is but I want you to be the best you can be and this is fixable. Please do not be mad that I am telling you this and please try it. It’s really bad when my pillowcase that you sleep on is basically white because of your dandruff.

You seem to enjoy picking on me and making fun of me. I don’t want that. Whenever you copy me with that tone “okkay”, it makes me cringe. I don’t like it when you stick your tongue out at me (yes, even though you are smiling) and I really didn’t appreciate you saying “whatever” when I was explaining that I had already told you something. I worked hard to make my son not say that to me so I don’t want him to pick that back up or say it to me again.

The XX shirt that you wore showed off your outside belly button hernia and the bottom of your stomach. You probably should stick to the bigger shirts for another 10-15 pounds before wearing those. When you can wear them, I am happy to give you more as well, I know I told you that already. You are doing great on my weight loss plan, definitely keep that up. As you lose more weight, I know you will feel better and be able to move around more. I’m happy for your success so far!

As I said in the opening, I do not want to break up with you. I hope this doesn’t make you want to break up with me, but if it does, then we were not meant to be. Again, I would have told you all this in person but am afraid of the angry repercussions. Please let me know if this can be done and/or worked out. I can’t be around you if you’re going to get angry at the slightest thing, even if I wanted to. I hope you actually read everything and will try. If I didn’t talk to you about this, I would eventually get really fed up and break up with you and I don’t want that. 



Gee Whiz

This has been a great weekend! Having DJ over, Free Comic Book Day, the Avengers, crawfish festival, and the hospital!!!

I promise you, it really has been good. I wanted to strangle DJ for some sarcastic comments and his way of copying me, but he was just playing around and I’m not used to that. I had a talk with him saying all that stuff about me being his world and he’s okay with slowing down a bit for me.

Yesterday, we took Little Man to the comic book store. We saw Batman, we knew what we wanted so we didn’t have to wait in line, DJ got a new key ring for his car, and we were all happy. 

Oh yes, Little Man read every single comic book the minute we got home. 

DJ and I then went to see the new Avengers movie which was awesome!!! It was 2 1/2 hours long but I never noticed the time which is pretty amazing for me. Spoiler alert: there is no after credits bonus scene!

After the movie, he drove me to Old Town Spring where the crawfish festival was going on. We had to pay to park which is crazy because normally you can park everywhere free out there. He was getting frustrated and just paid to park in a lot and we walked to a bar. I had a few beers, listened to a great cover band, I was having fun. Around 10pm, DJ said we were leaving because he was tired. Okay, that’s fine. We pay and leave ($18 for 6 beers and a bottle of water!). As soon as we are about to cross the tracks to get to his car, here comes a train. It only had 2 engines so I thought it would be pretty short. I was SO wrong! 20 minutes later, the train was still passing by but then just stopped! We still couldn’t see the end of the train, it was stopped, and everyone around us (old and young), were jumping through two of the cars to pass. So of course, we did it as well. I was climbing up and almost fell but was able to catch myself and then jump off the other side. I’ve never done anything like that before and never will again. I thought I had twisted my ankle because my foot hurt walking to his car. By the time we got back to my house, when I got out of his car, I felt real pain. 

 I took one of EX’s pain pills and went to bed. I woke up at 4am in so much pain, I woke DJ up! He finally told me to get up because we needed to go to the hospital. We went to the emergency room where I had x-rays and had a doctor feel my leg. I have severely strained the muscle in my upper thigh (behind my knee and below). I’m not allowed to exercise, I have to rest, and it’s my right leg so I can’t even drive! This is NOT COOL!!! The doctor gave me some muscle relaxers so I figure I’ll be sleeping the next week. I can’t get to work because I can’t drive. I can’t even take my child to the allergist for his shots. I’m frustrated beyond belief and so when DJ asked me if I wanted him to stay here this week, I kind of snapped at him and said no. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it either because I do. There’s just too many people in my house already and I don’t want to add another. He was talking about kicking EX out and moving in which freaked me out a bit but I didn’t say anything to him.

Anyway, I’m going back to bed. Tell me about your weekend! Hugs!