F’in Wednesday

Wow! What a long day! Never stopped working all day except when I had lunch. Took me 45 minutes to drive home from the office. I get home and see the power was out for 30 minutes today. I also bought some school shorts for Little Man at Academy during lunch. I got size adult small. When I came home, I had him try them on and he couldn’t pull them over his thighs. So to get my exercise in for the day, I walked back up to the Academy by my house to exchange for adult mediums. I came home and even those don’t fit him! I made him weigh himself and he weighs 141.6! Holy shit! He’s only 9! So I’m waking him up early and making him walk with me. Every day, twice a day. Well, not tomorrow night.

I have a meeting for Scouts tomorrow at 7:45pm. I would send EX but I’m in charge of popcorn this year so I have to go. And that’s okay, I just really enjoy my home time since I’m only here to eat and sleep usually anyway! I would walk to the meeting, it’s totally possible for me, but I do not want to walk down the main Houston drag on Westheimer at 9pm with all these crazy drivers. I’d get hit by a car, jumped by gang members, who knows!

After my walk to the store, I still need 300 steps to hit 10,000. Guess I’m taking the dog out for a last walk! I hope tomorrow isn’t as long, I need a break! Last night I slept almost 8 hours, it’s only because I overslept this morning, woke up at 7:40 and had to leave the house by 8:15! Eek! I was running around my house like crazy trying to get everything ready for the day. But I made it!

I got the packages of supplies for my parents anniversary party next year. I now have all the supplies, I just need money to pay for everything else! I found out the catering wants $1500. The venue is only $250. I spent $150 on supplies (cups, plates, silverware, balloons, etc), the cake I’ll find out about this Saturday when I go to try cake with my moms friend. I also got a cake topper and napkins that are personalized with their name and wedding date. Isn’t that cool? I would post the picture but don’t want to give out their name. It’s glass and really cool. They can put it on display in their house after the party. I love all the stuff I got and am really excited about all this! Anyway, I’m going to walk the dog and then get ready for tomorrow’s work day. Hopefully it won’t be a bad one! Hugs!

Forgot to mention that I stopped at Michael’s and bought a canvas that jumped out at me. Only $20, I couldn’t pass it up. Too cute!



So it must be about that time of the month. All I want to do is sleep and don’t want to walk. I’ve taken 4 days off of exercise. I haven’t hit 10,000 steps since Friday. I was so busy Saturday I thought I would have it but I didn’t. Sunday I was too tired with only 3 hours sleep. Yesterday I came home and grilled until bedtime. I was going to go today but have been so busy at work, all I want to do is come home, change into my Jammies, and do nothing! I have got to go tomorrow. Yes, I’ve stayed in my calories except on Sunday when I was awake for 21 hours. But that’s not enough for me. I need my exercise!

Having EX here is better than I expected. He’s helping out, he’s only eating what I tell him that he can have, and the only irritating thing so far is that he watches all the strange reality shows so my tv is always on! I can’t go to bed until he’s done with his shows so I can’t settle down until 10pm which sucks. Although last night, I passed out right at 10 when I turned off the tv.

Oh! That thing on my eye is an infection. He prescribed me this stuff and found out yesterday that they don’t make it anymore so he gave another medicine. The pharmacy ordered it so I went to get it today. Please note I have insurance. The script cost $96!!! Holy SH*T! Really? That’s crazy! I had to get it though, otherwise I might have to have this thing surgically removed which would definitely be more than $96. So I broke myself and bought the damn stuff. I hope this thing goes away quick so I can keep this to use the next time I get one. Gotta make it worth the money!

So I yawned really big and EX said he’s going to bed when this is over so YAY! Night night! Hugs!

Thank God Monday is over

Yesterday started out well when I woke up at 7am. I felt great! I got all dressed up for work, even wore a corset to suck in those rolls!


Then I went to work. I was so crazy busy all day long! One hour before quitting time, I was working on a group of 26 people (I had 5 done) and my phone started ringing off the hook. A rig got to shore late and all 15 guys had to change their flight. That was chaos. I got help from our after hours team and got all those guys taken care of by the time I got off, well, 5 minutes after. But! That means that I still have 21 of MY group that I have to send options to the arranger! Plus deal with everything else that comes in today. I am really not looking forward to this!

So my dinner yesterday was 3 beers while I grilled burgers and chicken. The chicken is juicy but I burned one side of the burgers. Oops! Still good though. So I have lunch food, and dinner food, but I’ll have to clean up today. I didn’t have time last night. I actually passed out by 10pm and got 7 hours of sleep. It didn’t even take a pill to help. I must have slept really soundly because I missed texts and everything. I stayed in my calories yesterday. That’s good. I feel very tired this morning but I’ll be okay.

Arizona is taking finals this week. Kansas is doing really well, she’s exercising and tracking! Dallas isn’t following. I want to hear from anyone that is though. Even Dallas because she’s one if my BFF’s! Everyone have a good Tuesday. I pray mine is!

Happy Dance

Woo hoo! Doing the happy dance on weigh in day! I dont know what happened, but I’m happy!!! 2 pounds gone!!! 206.6! 206.6! Oh, I am SOOOOO happy that I lost that pound I had gained plus one more! I may still be a pound behind schedule now but that’s okay! I lost 2 pounds!

I am awake at 4am though! One would think after 3 beers last night that I would sleep hard and all night. Nope! Little Man has been scratching his nose and making this guttural sound over and over so I am wide awake and every time he starts to do one of those things, I’m stopping him. Tonight, if he doesn’t let me sleep, I’ll be screwed for work tomorrow.

So this early morning awakened state is going to be used to watch a little Netflix and relax. It’s my day off of exercise but I might go swimming or biking later, who knows!

Saturday accomplishments

So here’s what I have done today. I am so done for the day.
1. 8:45am left the house and went to the tire store. The guy rotated and balanced my tires, fixed a nail hole, and said I do not need to replace the tires for at least 6 more months. Yay!
2. Drive to the eye doctor. Since I was early, walked over to my 79 year old hair person just to find out that her breast cancer came back in her bones so she’s out while she tries to overcome it again. Saw the doctor, he said I have an infection and gave me a prescription. He’s great! Only $40 and only took 10 minutes!


3. Drive to the shoe store to get Little Man a new pair of shoes for school. Sketchers was having a buy one get one half off sale so I got new shoes for $25 too! Then walked to the comic book store and bought 6 comics for Little Man whenever he does his daily chores. That seems like a good bribe to me! Just have to get him used to doing them, then he hopefully will just do it.
4. Drove to Costco. Love the warehouse club! Spent $170 on tons of food that will last quite a while. Including fish, soft drinks, chocolate milk, regular milk, cheese (2 different kinds), water, and personal female items.
5. Drive to WalMart to get what I couldn’t at Costco. Spent $60 on all of Little Man’s stuff for lunches for a week as well as breakfast stuff for us.
6. Drive home where I unloaded the car of all $230 worth of groceries (with a little help from EX), and got to relax for an hour.
7. Drove to the pet store to get shampoo to help Amber with her dry, itchy skin. They were out of the treats she likes so they called the closest store and since they had them, I had to drive over there to get those!
8. Drove to the grocery store to see about getting my prescription. They said they didn’t know it and would call my doctor on Monday. While I was there, I got $20in quarters for laundry.
9. Drove to Executive Tint to have them see what was wrong with my alarm. They showed me how to work it and told me to come back at 5:30 and they would replace my horn since they thought it was going out (you would hit the alarm on or off button and it would lock the doors but no sound).
10. Drove home where I sat for an hour and a half waiting to go back up there. Talked to Kansas and Dallas while I was at home. EX took Little Man to do some work so I could get my stuff done.
11. Went back to Executive Tint. Sat down with the owner while they fixed the horn. He asked me to find out how much to get him to Singapore for Christmas where he’s from. I said no problem since he helps me out a lot. Also found out our kids have the same name, just different spelling. They go to the same school, went to the same daycare, and are a lot alike. Pretty cool!
12. Finally home, took Amber on a 30 minute walk and now finally sitting down with EX to watch the Texans vs. Falcons game and have some beer.


Have a great night! Hugs!

Curious this Saturday

Can I tell you guys a secret? Of course I can! This could been seen by millions! I’m happy EX is here. Little Man needs his father. Now I just have to let him be a parent. That will be the hard part since I’ve done everything alone for the past 9 years. I don’t want him back, please don’t EVER think that, but for my son to have both parents under the same roof is a good thing. Even if he and I are just friends.

Both of them are still asleep so I am enjoying the quietness in the house right now. He’s in the living room and Little Man and I are in the bedroom. If my little guy hadn’t woken me up about 4 times in the middle of the night, I’d probably be happier but he’s adjusting to having his dad here too. I think I woke EX up! Oh well. That’s the hard part of living in a small place. Kind of hard not to wake someone up when I have to go in there for pretty much everything!

As I said last night, today is a busy day for me. But now I feel better about my busyness because there’s someone here and I don’t have to drag Little Man everywhere. That makes all my errands easier. OH! I also didn’t sleep well because Amber was all up on me! Even when I moved, she did too. Guess she’s adjusting? When I woke up finally, I felt like she was trying to push me out of bed. Crazy dog!

So I’m going to start my day. I hope yours is good as well. Hugs!

Amber’s boody sticking out from the covers right under my pillow. Hope she doesn’t fart!

Ahh, wait…what?!?

Well, I was thinking. It’s payday Friday so it should be a good day, right? How wrong could I get? Last night, EX didn’t come, he stayed with a friend. I thought he was going to stay with him and I wouldn’t have to have him here. Then I thought it would be an easy day at work because when I walked in this morning, I only had 3 emails. Well, my phone blew up starting at 6am when the EX’s “woman” (I use that term loosely) sent me a Facebook message wanting me to call her. Oh hell no! I told her I don’t want in the middle of whatever their problem was and I wouldn’t be talking to her. She sends me a message back that EX needs a place to stay because if he ever goes to her house, she will call the cops. Oh geez. Are you still a teenager? Did he hit you? Both NO so I just blocked her. Then EX calls me to tell me everything that’s going on. Then I have people coming to my desk all day plus my email box blew up! I ended up issuing over 20 tickets and making 15 new reservations. Then, EX calls tonight and says, “I’m on my way.” Umm, huh? So yeah, he’s here. I think it will be good for Little Man though. Guess we’ll find out!

Guy BFF calls me tonight for advise. Well, I told him what I could but he’s going to do what he wants anyway so why does he ask? He’s been dating a girl a lot younger than him (I can’t talk since I married someone 17 years older than me), and they are moving in together and he’s talking about getting married already. She’s got two 2 year olds and he’s never been good with kids. He says he’s doing well with hers. Okay, I just know how you were with mine. And the getting married? I think he should wait a while but again, he’s going to do what he wants!

Kansas called today too. She’s a bit stressed with family issues. She’s doing great logging the food though! Hope Dallas is logging. I worry about her. I hope she’s counting those calories! Haven’t heard from Sarah or Uncle J so not sure if they are doing it. I’m praying that I lose something Sunday morning! I’ve stayed in my calories and exercised every other day so I hope and pray there’s ANY downward movement on the scale!

After today’s drama and stress, I’m worn out so I’m going to sleep early. I have a long day tomorrow between going to the eye doctor to find out what the hell is wrong with my eye and getting my new car alarm fixed and tires taken care of plus grocery shopping! I know I’ll hit my steps tomorrow because even after I get all that taken care of, I’m going to go walk again. Just to get out of the house!

Hugs! Have a great weekend!