So I have not been writing. I took some time away because I have been busy! Work, taking Little Man to a shrink and getting him back on meds, having EX around has been good, family stuff.

I gained 5 pounds but down 2 so I am back on track. I’ve had some health issues, not at work today because I have to go to an eye specialist today.

I am thinking of writing a book about all of this family stuff. It’s a work in progress, things are definitely not done yet. Hugs everybody!

Knew it

207.6 today

That’s okay. I always gain after my monthly time. I hit 10,000 steps 5 times in the past week and went over my calories every single day. But at least I’m exercising! I’ll stop drinking all the soda again, that’s why I keep going over. If you look at my food consumption, I never go over. I just need to cut out the lunchtime pop.

So I’m stressed like crazy, my teeth hurt like hell, and I have taken an anti-anxiety med every day this week. Between work, cub scouts, and my full house plus friends and all this family stuff, I need a break!

This weekend is my Scout popcorn kickoff party. Next weekend i dont know thankfully but then, on October 10th, I am getting the heck out of Houston! I will drive to Dallas in a rented SUV, pick up my best friend there, then drive to Kansas to let my 2 best girl friends meet! I’ll be back on Monday the 13th so it’s not a long vacation, but I am getting away!

Have a great weekend, I’m going to try and get my calorie consumption under control. Hugs!

Back into it!

Well yay for me! Yesterday I hit my 10,000 steps and I’m already at 7,000 for today! Maybe I won’t jinx myself by saying that I am really back into my plan! Yes, I went over my calories yesterday but only by 236. I worked off most of my calories cleaning and walking the dog. It was amazing. I feel pretty good today. I got all those steps yesterday even though all I wanted to do was sleep. I even took a nap yesterday!

EX took Little Man to his scout meeting yesterday which worked out well. That’s when I slept. When they got back, I was hearing a noise in my blinds and when I hit it, I saw a wasp! Then they walked in and I told EX to kill it while Little Man and I were in safety of the bedroom. It took him a couple of minutes, then we were fine. Whew! Then Little Man presented me with a necklace. It’s from him so of course I’m wearing it!

Today is crazy day at work like every Monday. My lunchtime is going by too fast. Have a great day! Hugs!


Happy Exercise Sunday!

This morning, I woke up around 7am. I stayed in bed for a while but then got up and started moving. I asked EX what was for breakfast. He said “donuts”. So okay. I walked/ran down to Shipley’s and bought us all some of the ones we like. On my way there, I saw my neighbor so I stopped and talked to her for a bit. Then when I left Shipley’s, a mini van stopped me. It was a mom I haven’t talked to in over a year. I haven’t had time or whatever. So she said we should all go out to eat sometime so I gave her my number and we will go eat pizza together or something (even though I don’t like pizza). Doesn’t matter. Little Man should have more friends outside school. I was about to walk into my complex when she drove back by me on her way home and said “you look skinnier!” Yep, that’s what happens when you lose weight! Lol

So when I got home, I ate one doughnut (a blueberry cake one) and then took Amber girl out for a walk. We walked almost all the way down the street and then I turned and took her to walk down the bayou. New walk! Yay! She and I were both on the edge but there was plenty of room. She stopped to sniff a few times but it was about a 30 minute walk. So I feel good. I’ve gone out walking for an hour already today! 5,000 steps down, 5,000 more to go and it’s only 9:30am! Woo hoo!

By the way, some of you may have noticed that I stopped following you. Please do not be offended, I am trying to cut down on my page to only the weight loss and healthy recipes while I get this last 29 pounds off of me. I believe I lost this week because from being lazy I lost some muscle mass.

That’s why I went out today and walked plus I ran off and on while going to get breakfast. The running didn’t even hurt me! I could have kept running but I was totally out of breath. I think as I run a bit more each time, it will get easier and easier until I can run miles at a time. I’m going to try now that it doesn’t hurt!

Lots to do today, I’ll stop chatting. Hope you have a good Sunday!!! Hugs!




Nice day

It was a really nice day. I had Little Man stay with my parents last night so I could get some good sleep. I may have only slept 6 hours, but it was GREAT!!!

When I woke up, I weighed myself. I lost .8 pounds to put me at exactly 205. I’ve been sick this week but not sick enough to miss work or anything. I’ve been passing out by 9pm and waking around 4am. That’s not cool but I made it. What I can’t figure out is how I lost anything! I seriously thought I was going to gain at least 3 pounds because I went over my calories 5 times in the last week! Mostly eating big, high calorie breakfasts, but tons of cookies (homemade) and drinking WAY too much soda. I went over by almost 900 calories on some days. Always early in the day though which is probably better but still! So I figure I better stop before I really DO gain lots of weight. Granted I worked out twice this week but it rained all the other days so I didn’t do much. My friend said it may be because I was sick or because I have raised my metabolism. I think I am just lucky and better not continue it.

My sister up north text me and asked me for my address. I’m not crazy enough for any of them to know where I live so I gave them my parents address. My parents were pissed though! I understand but I really don’t think she is going to drive 12 hours and just show up at their door but if she does, they are going to call me. She said she wants to send me my bio-moms ashes. That’s 2 sisters that have said that! What’s up with that? Anyone know? I don’t even have my grandparents ashes, they are both buried where they wanted. I won’t have my parents either, they have places for their urns. Kinda weird to me but EX has his Dad’s so I guess it’s a thing for some people.

One of my single mom friends was short on funds but her son was turning 11. I love her kid so I asked if we could throw him a surprise pool party at my house. She said that was great. I ordered the cake from Baskin Robbins, an Oreo ice cream cake. It was SO good but so rich I couldn’t finish my piece!


We swam before and after cake. The kids had a great time and I really enjoyed hanging out with her friends, they are all really nice! Everyone is so amazed that my simple plan has worked this well and are willing to try it. Yay! The kids are all burnt now though. They didn’t put sunscreen on until after they were in the pool and then they jumped right back in. Crazy kids!


I got him a $25 toys r us gift card, the cake, plus a veggie tray and 2 cheese/meat trays with crackers. All the cheese is gone, most of the veggies, but EX has plenty of meat pieces to eat during the week. Total spent $100. Best $100 I’ve spent in a while! It doesn’t hurt that she was really appreciative of everything even though I refuse to tell her how much things cost. I wanted to do something great for her son that he would remember and I did! He was so surprised! The look of confusion on his face is priceless!


So everyone was swam, they even did a conga line at one point.


So that was my tiring day. I have 9000 steps already and it’s only 7pm. I’m watching Transformers with EX. I told him that when I go to Kansas, I’m going to steal his Chiefs jersey so I fit in up there and he said NO! I warned him though! I’ll just take it with me when I leave, he’ll find out when I get back.

Tomorrow is cooking and cleaning day. I went grocery shopping during lunch at work on Friday so I’m done there. I still need snacks for Little Man when he gets home from school but I’m thinking fruits and veggies to see just how hungry he really is. We shall see!

I also wanted to admit something to you guys. I am depressed. I take my medicine daily but I still have days that nothing helps. I have felt like this for a few days. When the party was over today, I fell into major depressive state. SO, I took a pill. I’m hoping it helps because all I want to do is run away. Last night when I got home from dropping Little Man at my parents, I told Arizona that if I had money, I would come there to see him. He didn’t know how depressed I was. His reply was, “I would love if you were able to come see me and the family” Umm, totally NOT what I meant! But I’ll take what I can get with him for now. I know how much he cares about me, he wants his family to agree with it too I guess. His sister in law wants us together as does his friend here in Houston. I miss him a lot. I hope that he and I can be together when he graduates. This is getting more difficult day by day. It doesn’t help my depression either.

Okay, I’ve told you guys about my week and what’s going on this week. I’m out! Hugs!

Another day

So I can tell it’s almost “that” time because all I want are cookies and caffeine. I’m woke up at 4am today when Little Man screamed in his sleep and have not been able to go back to sleep. I’m on my 2nd energy drink already to stay awake now because I have to!

Last night, EX and I had to ground Little Man. I had to lock away my iPad and DS because he got an F on a spelling test. He’s done nothing but cry and complain about how he hates school and doesn’t want to go anymore. In 4th grade?!? It starts now?!? Geez! We tried to explain how everything is harder now and he will have to study more. So I had him study his words and take a spelling test. He still failed it. I took it and got an 80. Pretty bad, I know. He has some tough words! Avocados, tornadoes, etc (thank God for spell check!). So we told him that if he pulls his grades up, he will be ungrounded. We even had to send his neighborhood friend home in the middle of their game. I went over and talked to the kids mom who said she agreed with our punishment and would make sure her son doesn’t go over to play this week. Also, they are going to walk with us to school! Yay! I haven’t been doing that lately and we need to get back into it. She even has a jawbone UP so we are going to connect on there and see if we can help each other get back on track.

I talked to my schizo sister yesterday too. She told me that since I told off her younger sister (our sister, sorry), that she realized that I didn’t say anything and she wanted to hang out again. Thank God she let her hubby read through the text messages and he said I didn’t do anything. I told her I have nothing to hide and am too old for games and BS. She wants to give me an urn with my bio-moms ashes. That’s kind of weird but okay. Since I’m giving this single mom friends kid a surprise pool party this weekend, my sister invited herself and her family to come. Huh?

Yep! I’m giving a kid his 11th birthday party on Saturday. It was nice and cool here the past couple of days but it’s supposed to get hot again by the weekend. Yuck but good for a pool party. He’s turning 11 and he is in the same grade as Little Man. They sometimes get along, so hopefully this will work out. I said since my sister wants to crash, let me buy the cake. She wasn’t complaining, she’s more broke than I am!

Work is SSDD. I’m constantly busy. I hate changing my office space 4 times a week but I won’t be pushed out. I just keep on going because I need the job! Now, if I do not get at least a cost of living raise next year, I’ll have to leave. Supposedly, Little Man’s godmother has jobs for me to apply to where she works. It would be nice to get out of travel. I enjoy traveling but hate booking it for everyone else while I sit here.

So I need to work out more, eat less (I went over by 336 cal yesterday), and get back into the groove I had all the way until August. So much has happened, I, once again, am not taking care of myself. I am helping others. I can’t let that happen again though! This year is MY year!!! I am down 31 pounds, total of 29 to go to qualify for surgery. I know it just gets harder from here. Those last 10 pounds will be toughest! So here’s my goals:
1. Get to 199.9! Buy myself something extraordinary (new jewelry perhaps?)
2. Get to 186.9. Not sure what to do then.
3. Hit goal of 175 by April 2015 so hiking in the Grand Canyon won’t kill me.
Yep! Still planning on my vacation with Arizona! He’s so sweet and so cute.

Ok, I’ll stop. Anyway, as I sit here typing, I’m putting myself back to sleep and I have to get up and moving so Hugs!



Oh! I found these in Little Mans backpack. I couldn’t figure it out and then it hit me. Cam stole these from my mother! Crazy kid, I made him call and apologize to her. Now I just have to take them back. How embarrassing! He can’t even fit into them, they’re a size 6!