Theme Thursday

So this week’s Theme Thursday is “Since you have had kids, what kind of things have gone into your mouth?”

OMG…are you SURE you want to know this? Ok then, here goes my list of really weird stuff. I bet nobody will ever kiss me again! ;)

1. Dirty binky – if it fell, I would pick it up, wipe it off, put it in my mouth, then give it back to my son.
2. Shoe laces – having full hands, I would carry his shoes by putting the laces in my mouth.
3. Dirty fingers – Got to love kids. My son would stick his dirty fingers in my mouth LOTS.
4. Blood – again, dirty bloody parts of my kid that just HAD to have kisses that he would then stick all the way into my mouth.
5. Toys – full hands so you do what you have to do!
6. Okay, I can’t think of anymore but 5 is pretty awesome crap I’ve put in my mouth!
You guys have a great day!


  1. I’m glad that there was no mention of a diaper. I overheard a conversation the other day in which a man was telling his friend that
    his son had a poopy diaper that morning, and after he changed him, he picked him up, along with his diaper, bottle, toy, book, blanket “and all this other shit, man”. The kid banged his nose with the bottle, so he took it, but had to put the diaper somewhere else on the way to the garbage in order to balance it all…
    “So I bit the corner of it and dropped it into the trash.”

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