This Friday SUCKS

Okay, first I will give you wonderful readers a bit of information on the BFF. He’s great mind you, he always gives me bear hugs and kisses me on the cheek, but is picky as hell. If you are above a size 2 and have anything bigger than a B cup, he won’t even look twice. That leaves me out at 200 pounds and DDD! He is always bringing over his latest “girl”. He prefers black or hispanic women. I think it’s to piss off his parents but who knows. He hates kids and the kids can tell! At least little man can. Little man won’t go near him. Even when BFF gives little man money to play with at Chucky Cheese or brings him a present. BFF has his own issues like all of us do but there are times I want to smack him upside the head and call it a day. His family loves me, my family HATES him. But that’s a LONG story that will someday be in my book. Let’s just say we weren’t the BEST teenagers.
Second, information on engineer. Yes, I should stay away but the reasons I go back are tons. He’s a great all around guy other than the fact that he still has this woman living with him who puts on her facebook that they are getting married. Yeah, sorry chicha, but according to him, you’re not! You should see him cringe if I bring it up! He laughs and has told her in front of me that they are NOT getting married but she still holds that hope. Engineer has a good job, his own place and a paid off vehicle, he is one of the best Dad’s I know too. When he and I are together, there is nobody else around to him. When we go out, he doesn’t look at other women, he listens to me, he’s just great. It’s when we are NOT together that I notice all the other things. If he and I were to move in together, he wanted to get a 4 bedroom to have a bedroom for each of us. He can wake the dead with his snores (totally true – you DON’T want to hear him) so I wouldn’t mind! :) BUT…that’s not going to happen. I keep trying to move on but all of the above and the fact that it’s AWESOME sex keeps me going back.
Third, Luke is just f’ing awesome. He tagged me on FB saying that he loves his Jules and thank you for the awesome un-birthday present. What do you think engineer thought of that? Hehehe. All I had done was pick up some meds for Luke and brought them over to him the other night. Yeah, he’s a keeper as a FRIEND (that sucks ass too). He told me last night that he is really glad we became friends and he appreciates my friendship. How sweet is that?? I told him that I would do that for any friend and he said he’s lucky to have me as a friend. That cheered me up immensely! life SUCKS today!!!
Last night little man was coughing and talking funny. I gave him his nebulizer and some benadryl. This morning he has a fever of 100.1. Yes, again! Since the cough is so nasty and the voice sounding weird, I think it’s probably strep throat but I’m taking him to HIS doctor this afternoon to find out. I refuse to go to the clinic that screwed him the last time! That f’ing RUINS my weekend plans though! He couldn’t go to school today, he’s at my parent’s house while I’m at work. I’ll have to fill everybody in on that Monday. Hopefully it’s just bad allergies or a cold. Everyone cross your fingers and pray to whomever you pray to because I’m sick of his being sick! I can’t work out, I can’t GO out, my parents won’t keep him, I can’t have a sitter, this f’ing sucks and completely ruins the weekend. Luke says that he’ll come sit with me tonight (he’s too sweet) but he’s in remission from cancer, I don’t think that would be a good idea! I had plans all weekend long. Going geocaching with little mans friend’s family, going to work out, having dinner with BFF and with Luke. This sucks. Something has GOT to give here!

I walk into work today to nothing but problems. I usually love my airlines that I talk to almost on a daily basis. Yesterday, I did an exchange on Southwest. I called the airline for the new ticket number so I could invoice the change. They gave me the OLD ticket number so when I came to work today, I had an email from our back office telling me that this was NOT the right ticket number so I had to call them back to get the correct number. That sucked.
I called United Airlines yesterday to find out why someone got a refund and was told that the person went to the counter to change their flight and they had not advised of a change fee so they refunded the fare difference. So the travel arranger emailed this morning saying that the passenger did NOT go to the counter and what the hell. So I called United AGAIN this morning and wrote down verbatim what I was told which was completely different! Today I was told that when my co-worker called to do an exchange, she had been quoted a lower fare and since the passenger had a refundable ticket it was refunded. How my co-workers name was mixed up with the passengers name in yesterday’s agents mind I have NO clue. They both start with G but my co-worker is female and the traveler was male! So now it looks to the company like I lied to them yesterday when it was the stupid United agent that made something up. Love those airline agents!
So today sucks but it’s just one of those days. I was going to work out this weekend all 3 days, little man was going to TaeKwonDo, I always have errands to run but I don’t know. We’ll have to see how it plays out!
Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll talk more Monday!

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